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Resistors for handling your special Inrush, Pulse, and Surge circuit problems.

Circuit designers are frequently asked to design circuits in which resistors are subject to non-standard loading conditions resulting from inrush surges, pulses generated in the circuit, high-energy line surges arising from electricity grids and multiple inductive loads operating in the vicinity of the circuits. Incorrectly designed resistors lead to failures in testing and in the field, causing problems such as:

(a) Open circuits
(b) Burnouts

A common practice to avoid these problems is to over-design these resistors leading to high cost and large real estate usage on the circuit boards. With products shrinking in both size and cost by the day, using the right resistor in your circuit will be a competitive advantage. Please describe your application and circuit parameters in the form below. Alternatively, you could e-mail us. We will study your description and get back to you.

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