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 About Us
     Power Resistor
           Vitreous Enamelled Axial - Green Enamel (PVA)
           Vitreous Enamelled Axial - Brown Enamel (PVAB)
           Silicone Coated Axial (PIA)
           Silicone Coated Axial - US Spec (PIAM)
           Slotted Ceramic Encased Axial (PGMA)
           Square Ceramic Encased - Axial (PCA)
           Box Ceramic Encased - Axial (PBA)
           Silicone Coated Fibre Core Axial (PGA)
           Tubular Power - Silicone Coated (PPR)
           Tubular Power - Vitreous Enamelled (PVR)
           Tubular Edge Wound - Vitreous Enamelled (PVRC)
           Silicone Coated PCB Pluggable (PGR)
           Box Ceramic Encased - Radial (PBR)
           Vertical Box Ceramic Encased (PQM)
           Slotted Ceramic Encased Vertical / Dual (PGM/PGMD)
           Aluminium Housed Chassis Mount (PHA)
           Miniature Precison Power (P2D)
           Capacitior Discharge Resistor (PYP)
     Precision Resistors
           Silicone Coated Precision Axial (PSP)
           Multilayer Precision Moulded Case (PEP)
       Low Ohmic Resistors
           Square Ceramic Cased Low Ohmic (PCL)
                    Moulded Low Ohmic (PML)
      Fusible Resistors
          Ceramic Encased Fusible - Axial (PGFA)
          Ceramic Encased Fusible - Vertical (PGF)
      Rotary Switch
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