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About Us

“PEC’s unique understanding of the Global Markets for Resistors, developed over 50 years, experience of working closely with global circuit designers, experience of having manufactured and supplied resistors to customers across the world, is a strength which customers can leverage to develop a strong pillar in their global supply chain“

Precision Electronic Components Mfg Co (PEC) was started by our visionary founder Mr.R.Venkatraman in 1972 with a clear vision of making high quality, highly reliable power resistors for industrial, defence and avionics applications, when the market typically was looking for ultra low cost, low quality products.  His vision for developing Military approved products was realised in 1977 when PEC became the first Indian company granted approval for an Indian made electronic component to the Indian Military Joint Services Specifications (JSS). 

PEC established its brand name and a rock solid reputation for high quality resistors by supplying new quality conscious industries which started in India in the 1970’s and 80’s. Resistors were developed for the booming TV and telecom markets when the initial push towards liberalisation stated in the 1980’s. PEC also developed a range of products to meet the requirements of the Railway industry and the Electrical Power Generation and Transmission sectors.  

Exports first started in 1975 to Germany in a small way and then expanded in 1987 with a concerned push to find new export markets in USA, UK and Europe.  By the 1990’s PEC was firmly established in the European markets with products being sold through leading global distributors and catalogue houses.

PEC’s internal R&D team is a source of strength for the industry and constantly develops new products required for the emerging industry. Today PEC has resistive products to support the growing Renewable Power industry, Electrically Powered Vehicles and the charging infrastructure, next generation power efficient drives, Smart Metering Networks which are being rolled out globally. 

PEC is a global leader in developing high voltage impulse withstanding resistors for low power  

PEC is certified to ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 and can support all your quality requirements now and into the future.   Talk to us about your requirements and we will be there to support you through your development, qualification and production phases.

PEC is today the largest manufacturer and exporter of Power Resistors in India, supporting customers across Industrial, Automotive, Traction and Telecom sectors.