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Anti Condensation Heaters

High Humidity is the bane of electronic equipment as condensation of moisture leads to lowering of insulation resistance, development of shorting paths in equipment, corrosion of metal parts of components and eventually early failure of products.

Cabinets which house electronic equipment need to include condensation heaters which help in maintaining a higher ambient temperature to reduce relative humidity and prevent condensation. In some optical equipment condensation has to be prevented as it will interfere with the basic functioning and here localised heating is very effective in eliminating condensation.

We have highly reliable UL-approved Air Heaters which can provide 250W/400W of heating power to deliver heated air in control cabinets and a range of static resistors which can provide customised heating solutions for local area-controlled heating.

Resistors are basically heaters which are designed for long life and very reliable performance which can be considered for use in applications where these parameters are critical and standard heater solutions don’t meet the requirements.

Aluminium housed resistors like our PHA series, PHCF series can use fixed on available housing surfaces in any equipment to provide conductive heating. Small resistors like PVA series can be used in security cameras to ward off condensation on lenses and camera housing.

Talk to us about your moisture and condensation problems and we might have a good solution for you.