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Wind Power Equipment

Already an experienced supplier to the ‘new energy’ sector, onshore and offshore wind remains an area of particular focus. New turbine technology can deliver 4.2 MW of power per turbine and we are working with companies who are developing even larger offshore capability.

Why? … because modern offshore wind turbines deliver clean renewable energy without harming the environment or disrupting communities.

Wind turbines utilise several PEC power resistors in generator panels, inverter panels and yaw and pitch control panels. A recent contract called for specialist UL approved, anti-condensation heaters obviating condensation build up inside electrical cabinets.

Our products are used as charge resistors, as filter resistors, balancing resistors, crowbar resistors, dump resistors and harmonic filter resistors. There are also a range of lower power resistors mounted on PCB’s which can be found in different control panels.

Talk to us today about your applications and there will be a good solution in our range, exactly meeting your demand.