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Motor Drives

Motors are one of the most significant consumers of power generated across the world. Any reduction in the power consumed by motors helps in reduction of global greenhouse emissions, lowers electricity budgets and makes the world a more sustainable place.

New applications for motors are being constantly added and so is the evolution of new drive technologies which help reduce the startup current in AC motors and provide optimum motor speed to deliver the right efficiencies.

PEC has a range of highly developed resistors for optimum performance in motor drives. We have specialised resistors for inrush current control, current sensing, UL approved braking resistors for discharge of high voltage when motors need to quickly reduce speed or come to a halt, crowbar resistors for large motor drives and a new range of PTC element braking resistors for small drives.

Why not talk to us about your drive design requirements and we will provide you with optimum designs which will not only reduce your space budgets, give you high reliability long life resistors and help reduce overall costs.

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