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Exercise Equipment

As the health consciousness has increased across the globe the demand for health related equipment, including exercise equipment has grown manifold. The Covid-19 pandemic has consigned large populations across the globe to their homes and prevented them from pursing their fitness goals at their nearby fitness gyms. New innovative designs of exercise equipment are driving a huge surge of demand from home bound buyers.

These equipment demand a high level of sophistication from the components used in the drives which power the treadmills, the cross trainers, elliptical trainers and cycling machines. We have high quality vitreous enamel coated tubular resistors (PVR, PVRC) which are perfect for use in these machines which do not emit any smoke when the braking overload is applied on them. Also available are lower cost silicone coated tubular resistors (PPR, PPRC). They are cost effective resistors which can work in adverse environments where there is 100% humidity & constant exposure to salt mist too.

Discuss your resistors requirements with us and we will have the right product for your equipment.