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Solar Inverters

A long standing supplier to the Solar Industry, we have specialised products to solve different issues in a solar power generating system. Technology has evolved over the years from low power generating equipment to large Gigawatt scale solar farms which generate electricity for mass consumption.

We have a range of small resistors which are used for inrush protection, earth fault detection & current sensing which can be used in small power inverter systems.

For the larger Megawatt size inverter systems, we have harmonic filter resistors, precharge resistors, discharge resistors and many resistors which can be used in the control boards.

There is a significant impact on equipment due to harmonics produced in the inversion process and resistors help reduce these unwanted harmonics. Specially designed precharge resistors can ensure that the large capacitors used in the system are not damaged during the switch on cycles.

Solar inverters used outdoors in cold climatic conditions require Air Heaters to raise the cabinet temperature to levels where the IGBT’s can safely start working and generating electricity.

For this PEC has specially developed efficient Air Heaters which do not draw a surge current at startup giving designers a similar, reliable and long life heater. These are UL, cUL approved and CE marked to meet regulatory requirements in multiple countries.

Design and customisation is required in most solar system applications and chances are we have a good solution ready for you or one which can be quickly engineered to meet your requirements.

We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.