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Custom Solutions

PEC has been at the forefront of developing custom resistors solutions for our global and India customers.  In most critical applications, a degree of customization is required to handle field electrical & physical usage conditions.

Look at our extensive applications library in the “Applications” page to see the range of applications we cater to.  In many of these applications PEC will provide you customized solutions to fit your requirements precisely.

A typical set of customized solutions would be as listed below

  1. Customised Energy Rated Resistors for Short Pulse Overloads
  2. Custom Size Terminals for Radial Tag Resistors
  3. Quick connect Terminals for Radial Tag Resistors
  4. Double Quick Connect Terminals for Radial Resistors
  5. Live Terminals & Ferrule Terminals for Radial Resistors
  6. Solder Fuse Integrated Resistors
  7. Thermal Fuse Integrated Resistors
  8. Mounted Resistor Assemblies with Base Plates
  9. Resistors with Wiring Harness and Connectors
  10. Resistors with Heat Shrink Sleeving Protection
  11. Burnt In Resistors for Aerospace Applications.
  12. Low Noise Resistors for Hifidelity Audio Applications.
  13. High Temp Sensing Resistor

We are happy to collaborate with you in developing custom solutions for your special needs or applications. Do  Contact Us with your details.