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Traction resistors

Railway technology has experienced perpetual development over the 100 years and for the last 40 of those years, we have worked with designers and manufacturers to provide a wide range of resistor solutions for traction use.

Today, Diesel Engines, Electric Engines, EMU’s, Metro and Freight Trains are the back bone of the world’s rail network. Over different locos we have a proud supply history of precharge resistors, discharge resistors, soft crowbar resistors, resistors for lighting controls, resistors for auxiliary converters, for display controls, signalling systems & traction control cabinets. Many of these resistors were and are modified to meet customer’s demand for size, voltage, impulse loads, inrush loads and overvoltage conditions. Get in touch today. We will have a solution for your problem and in the rare case that we don’t, we will cheerfully engineer or customise a specific answer at minimal cost. NOW, that’s the answer, What’s the question?