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Cabinet Heating

Electrical equipment cabinets used in colder climate locations and in high humidity locations require heating to reduce the impact of high humidity on electrical and electronic components. In some cases, heating is required to increase the ambient temperature to acceptable levels for functioning of active electronic components like IGBT’s and Thyristors.

PEC’s FRH range of UL approved Air heaters solutions can provide a very reliable, long life compact unit which system designers can easily integrate into their electrical cabinets.

The FRH heaters have an inbuilt DIN rail mount for easy fixing in cabinets. They also have an auto resetting overheat protection switch which cuts off power to the heater in case of an eventual fan motor failure due to dust ingress into the shaft and bearings.

We also support a lower cost range of Air heaters which are based on convective heating without a forced air fan. These are customised units which have power ratings of 100W to 350W from our RH range of heaters.

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