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Power resistors are found in a multitude of electrical and electronic equipment used by the military and the armed forces. These resistors are subjected to extreme conditions of ambient temperature, humidity and moisture in tropical environments, altitude, salt laden atmosphere.

To qualify resistors for use in such conditions, we need to meet the onerous requirements of the Joint Services Specifications (JSS) for resistors.

PEC was the first in the country to qualify wirewound resistors to the JSS 50402 specification back in 1977 and maintained these qualifications for an extended period of time.

PEC resistors have been used extensively in applications like radars, tanks, power supplies, radio transmission and reception equipment, flight on board equipment, battery chargers over a number of years and are field proven to be highly reliable workhorses of the industry.

We can provide screened components for applications where absolute confidence is required to ensure that products work to spec when the equipment is needed.

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