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Power Switchgear

The process of transmission of electricity safely from the generating station to the end user has multiple protection systems built in with switchgears located at each stage of the transmission network.

These switchgears have supervision systems to monitor their performance and to provide fail safe operation they need to be highly reliable to quickly localise faults which occur in the network and to isolate parts of the network which might malfunction.

There are protection relays, auxiliary relays, trip circuit supervision relays which are used widely across any electricity transmission network.

Our resistors have been used extensively across the world in these protection relays, both numerical and electromechanical to provide highly reliable switching systems.

We have a range of products from low power resistors to high power resistors suitable for use in these electrical network equipment which will meet the demands of high reliability and long life as needed by these systems.

Discuss your requirements with us and we will provide you the right solution from our range of field proven resistors.